half moon hologram mani

After holding on to my kitty cat Mani for as long as I could and after 2 long weeks of fashion it was time to head over to Sakura Nail Spa for a new set of cal gel!  My appointment was with Ran- an extremely talented nail artisan that is know for her long dagger nails that are ALWAYS bedazzled from cuticle to tip.  I haven’t ever been able to secure an appointment with her before so I was excited to see what she could/would do…

I brought two MAC pigments with me, deep blue green (a definite favorite) and golden blue (which was from a limited life collection a few years ago). After flipping through a few nail art magazines we decided on a new shape for the tips…a semi moon accented with holograms (all hand painted and placed of course) and then some spectacular skull and star action painted on my ring fingers…
anyway the photos speak for themselves so enjoy!

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