Its that time of the year nail fans! Fall is officially here (in Gotham City at least) so that means Halloween is right around the corner which means ULTRA fun nail designs.  Much to my chagrin , it was brought to my attention a few years ago that Candy Corn isn’t actually a food group…and more recently with the changes in my diet I cant even eat them! BOOO!! (see what I did there – here all week) So if you cant eat it paint it on your nails…that’s what I always say!

OK so on tap…Acid Orange, Gold and White MAC pigments to create a triple gradient on my ring fingers and then we used Acid Orange on all the other fingers and finished with a gradient in black.  And just for fun Ran showcased her mad artistry skills and added some spiders, skulls, bats and tombstones…
Additionally I just found out that Sakura is now on Twitter!! YAY so lets give them some tweet love and give them a follow!
trick or treat!

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