Graffiti Me – ode to Andre

After a month of Exit Through the Gift Shop sitting in my iTunes, my husband and I decided it was high time to watch this little documentary. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. I have been a long time fan of Shepard Fairy, Swoon and Fafi but this movie also introduces you to Invader, Andre and of course Banksy. (which recently also gave me an idea for yet another tumblr graffitime These artists define modern day PUNK – wreaking havoc by spray painting the town while we are all asleep.

Ok right the nails. This isn’t a movie review blog

So hence my new set of Graffiti inspired nails featuring art inspired by Andre – his iconic winking face drew me right in. (all puns intended of course)

Manami and I decided that a fill would do today so I mixed up a batch of color using M.A.C pigment in Later, Deep Burgundy, Violet and Frozen White. For the tip of my gradient. (I used True Chartreuse last week for a double gradient look) and then we covered the entire nail with clear Cal Gel and Frozen White pigment. (this was also used as the background color on my right ring finger)

Manami whipped out her tiny brushes and went to work recreating Andre’s sweet smilies on both of my ring fingers.

I have started following Banksy on instagram – he is quite a political spray painting genius so thanks for your brilliant movie and the endless inspiration.


2 thoughts on “Graffiti Me – ode to Andre

    • thanks so much! I am pretty obsessed with all kinds of doodling, swirling pop art forms…but graffiti has been a favorite of mine for many years as well! I am so glad you checked out my post!!

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