OBEY ME! And my mani

Ok so yeah I got a little graffiti fever. Still inspired by Exit thru the Gift Shop I bring you a taste of Banksy and Shepard Fairey

The deets:

Base Coat -M.A.C Naked Dark Pigment
Gradient Tips – a mix of Deep Blue Pigment, Steel Blue Pigment , Gold Pigment (all by M.A.C of course)
Pinky Finger – M.A.C Reflects Antiqued Gold

Ok so the art pretty much speaks for itself. Ran (one of my main girl crushes) at Nail Spa Sakura Uptown re-created and hand painted these images on my nails.  She is seriously  D.O.P.E.

On the right hand it’s Banksy’s iconic balloon girl. On the left Shepard Fairey’s Obey Andre Hello Kitty style With a little Mr. Spray on my pinky.

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