Gangsta Vamps with Special K

With the return of HBO’s True Blood and my recent obsession with Scarface and Lil’Jon – this weeks nails seemed like a no brainer when I stumbled upon SuPa Nails & naillacquerslacker’s tumblrs.

Dont let my N.E.R.D like exterior fool you – I am also a closet gangsta rap fan – why the likes of NWA and Public Enemy have been on the playlist since the late 80s….

mix all that up in a 40 and out comes this supah fly love thug of a manicure.

Ran my home girl from Studio L created a gorgeous double gradient – two extra blinged out pinky nails and handpainted the dopest gangsta grillz EVAH – that I swear for real tho -any vamp (I.E. Pam or Eric Northman) would be proud of.

Double gradient Pink -M.A.C pigments in Pink Pearl, Frozen White, Bright Fuchsia & Pink Opal

Brown – M.A.C Pigments in Dark Soul, Frozen White & Maroon (an oldie but a goodie OBV.

Pinky – M.A.C metal pigment in Silver

Thumbs – Hand painted with Calgel and gouache paint…

ok Nail Art Junkies it’s time to believe the hype so in the words of Flava Flav - YEEAAA BOOOOEEEEEYYY!

Bass how low can you go death row what a brotha know…once again back is the incredible…











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