Well nail art junkies Halloween is quickly approaching and this year the hubby and I are heading to the pacific northwest for a fun packed weekend featuring a dear friend’s Hallowedding. Yes a Hallowedding complete with spook-tacular tricks, treats and full on costume expectations!

Returning to my child(ish) roots I soul searched my way back into the latch key days of my youth. Inspired by the colorful patchwork woven by Soliel Moon Frye and her adorable character Punky Brewster! So there it is… A seemingly easy character to re-create, right? Not exactly. She put the hobo into hobo chic or so i thought . After thoroughly examining her early American thrift like style I began to realize that Punky might just have been an Original Gangstah (posing as a young sweet orphaned girl bringing smiles to everyone she meets esp George) I mean a sleeveless vest? (lil’ Wayne was obviously inspired) Red or blue bandana (was she part of the LA gang scene?) every time turn around I see the girl who turns my world around ….
Anyway I digress….what were we talking about again? Oh yes my NAILS!!

Ok so heres the down and dirty…
M.A.C pigments in Mutiny, Lemon Yellow, Kitschmas, Pink Matte (no longer available) and then a little mix of Melon & Acid Orange

And then Ran goes to work creating those tiny pieces of art across my digits….

Enjoy my little junkies. And Happy Halloween!! What are your plans this weekend? Im hoping to be in a candy corn coma starting tomorrow











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