Holidaze Dizzle Dazzle

What’s December without a little sparkle and shine? This weeks mani is all about the G-L-I-T-T-A-H! So in honor of the up coming holidaze season I though it was only appropriate to dig deep into the pigment archives and WOW I found some gems. Neon 60′s (a gorgeous pink iridescent mother of pearl effects reflects from that hailed from the M.A.C holiday collection Holidazzle from December 2003). And Grey glitter from M.A.C Pro (discontinued) its sad because it really is the Rolls Royce glitter. I did a little mixology by adding 3D Silver into the Grey glitter for just a touch more shimmer. What? I like sparkly things.

I asked Ran to do a little spill over effect on my index finger for a little extra fun and viola the perfect effect to bringing some diizzle to my dazzle.









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