It feels like a h<3art attack

In the words of Olivia Newton-John ….

If you only knew what you’re putting me through
It feels like a heart attack
You’re giving me a heart attack
Heart attack
You’re giving me a heart attack
Must have died and gone to heaven
What a way to go

I can’t catch my breath
You must be a dream
But you’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen
I’m way past the point of recovery
You’re gonna be the death of me

Its never too late for a Valentines Day’s tribute, right? My hubby has the biggest heart and so it only makes sense that he is the best at Valentine’s Day and every year since we have been together I have been a busy worker bee painting faces backstage at New York Fashion Week (this year being no exception) on February 14th. My call time this v-day was 6 AM for Tory Burch (very glamourous, indeed) and at the sound of my alarm at 4 AM I stumbled into the bathroom to find candies, cards, pez dispensers and valentines decorations of all shapes & sizes. Ok a moment for a collective sigh of AWWWWW’s!!!

These nails are dedicated to cutest thing I’ve ever seen – my hubby!

I have been dying (all puns as usual intended) to have Ran try the gradient in the middle of the nail and somehow this concept just seemed to make sense.

Base – M.A.C Pigments in White Gold & Frozen White
Gradient – M.A.C Pigment in Basic Red & Pink Pearl
Heart Attack – in Black Gouache (all HAND PAINTED by Ran Kowatari)
Pinky – M.A.C Very Pink Reflects Glitter
Top Coat – M.A.C Pigment in Reflects Transparent Pink20120218-205033.jpg20120218-205039.jpg20120218-205052.jpg20120218-205102.jpg20120218-205110.jpg20120218-205118.jpg20120218-205125.jpg20120218-205133.jpg20120218-205141.jpg20120218-205149.jpg20120218-205156.jpg20120218-205204.jpg

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