Umm Obviously its Analogous

Hi Nail Art Junkies…well here they are my New York Fashion Week Nails…Earlier this week Ran and I had the chance to collaborate on a pre-fashion week video shoot. When I saw the clothes I was instantly inspired by blocks of analogous color.
So I got to work on mixing up some pigments to create a triple gradient effect on my nails – orange into purple into navy.
Orange – M.A.C Pigment in Neo-Orange & Acid Orange (these are mixed into clear Ace Gel)
Purple – M.A.C Pigment in Rich Purple & Pink Pearl
Navy – M.A.C Pigment in Ultra Marine & Black Black
Right Pinky – M.A.C Crystalled Orange (Rocking Orange from Holidazzle)Glitter & 3-D Silver Glitter
Left Pinky – M.A.C Crystalled Pink (Neon 60′s from Holidazzle) & 3-D Silver Glitter
I know you saw the same nail art a few mani’s before but I’m in love with the fishnet pattern so we showed it a little love on my ring fingers- its a great DIY effect. Using a small piece of a shower sponge and gouache paint.

Anyway these are some of the prettiest nails I have had. The color combo is almost hypnotic…hopefully it will inspire you…













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