Chen Man International Woman’s Day

There are many reasons to celebrate Beijing’s fashion photographer Chen Man (today IS International Women Day after all) – and my #1 reason is M.A.C’s Chen Man collection inspired by her infatuation with water and love, yin and yang, pink and blue (not to mention my very own makeup hero Terry Barber created the makeup for the stunning visual)


Soft and sensual, highly saturated with color and femininity Chen Man’s prolific images are stunning to behold. I pulled together a myriad of images and pigments to inspire a feeling of a misty watercolor (memories – sorry I had to)

Recently I have been posting many DIY mani’s here on NAJ but a masterpiece of this magnitude requires the skill of a professional! So (wait for it…a pun’s a comin”) I put my hands into the hands of my favorite nail artisan Ran Kowatari.

We created a melange of colors on most of my nails with accents of nail art on my ring fingers and thumbs – Chinese characters in the spirit of Chen Man’s namesake and the character for Love.

Pink Matte Pigment – (sadly no longer available)

Mutiny Pigment – a soft icy blue

Acid Orange Pigment – a bright frosty orange

True Chartreuse Pigment – frosty lime green

Naval Pigment (featured in the CHENMAN collection)

Deep Purple Pigment – deep blackened purple

White Glitter – (I had to dig deep for this one – and oldie but good that is VERY special to me -i magine a Vellum hued cellophane) This gives this manicure its under water like finish. Dive-in.


Post Disclaimer – I originally composed this post yesterday on International Women’s Day and sadly lost it moments before saving my first draft. Boo.



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