Trying my hand at some Ore-Inspired Gold Chipped Nail Tips

There is something so artful about gold leaf. I love its dichotomy. Its so delicate and yet gold is such a substantial metal. As most of you may know I recently spent a week in Israel – mostly a work based trip it was life changing none-the-less (but that is for another post at another time) In the days prior to my arrival the holiday of Purim was buzzing through Tel Aviv. The M.A.C Artists at our locations in Israel were out doing each other in the makeup department to celebrate this festive holiday! Although all of them were incredibly mind blowing in the art department the one that caught my eye was the team that utilized gold leaf in their makeups…and that started my nail art chart in motion.

In addition to the Purim inspiration, one of the biggest trends in makeup for this spring/summer season is burnished metallics in golds, bronze and coppers. M.A.C’s moniker is Ore-Inspired and while I was in the Holy Land one of my work engagements was discussing trends…what a better way to connect makeup & nails than to bring this concept to life on the face and hands…I used these to complete the look I designed for Lea Shnirer my Ore-Inspired model for the SS2012 Trends Presentation.

Base – M.A.C Nail Lacquer Nocturnelle (painted from base to tip)

Gradient – M.A.C Nail Lacquer in Soiree (available soon) this was sponged on to create a gradient effect on the nails

Tip – M.A.C Imitation Gold Leaf (this product is sadly no longer available)









4 thoughts on “Trying my hand at some Ore-Inspired Gold Chipped Nail Tips

  1. Well, glad to have inspired you in such a creative way.
    The Purim theme day which you liked was held at our MAC store in Azrieli mall in Tel-Aviv. Makeup designed by our talented Tali Peretz, an events team member, and in the picture you can see Ronny, Shira & Ortal.
    Love you and miss you,
    On behalf of everyone who were fortunate enough to spend time with you on this visit.

    • Hello Netta!! Thank you for all the details on the photo. I know I will be finding inspiration from my experience in Israel for along time to come. I miss you too. Xo

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