M.A.C Nails It – M.A.C Nail Event

Last week I was so lucky to be involved in an amazing presentation bringing life to all things nails at M.A.C.

Keeping local trends local M.A.C introduced Fashion Sets last month. This 4 part collection features the best-selling lip colors found regionally in M.A.C’s largest markets. Giving lip service a compliment by offering matching nail colors and lip glasses for:

North America (Spice, Chestnut, Rebel, Girl About Town, Russian Red, Snob and Myth)

Asia-Pacific (Peachstock, Razzledazzler, Ravishing, Angel, Saint Germain,Impassioned and Morange)

Europe & Africa (Myth, Spice, Saint Germain, Morange, Impassioned, Russian Red & Rebel)

Latin America & Middle East (Snob, Please Me, Pink Nouveau, Morange, Impassioned, Girl About Town & Russian Red)

Nail Expansion – when local trends go global…

Stay tuned for the M.A.C Nail Lacquer collection. For the past few years M.A.C has offered 8 permanent shades as well as limited life trend shades with each color collection. Available in July at Nordstrom and globally in August M.A.C will introduce a permanent collection of 30 shades. (Including the 8 existing shades, a few re-promotes, bring backs and some new dazzlers). Excited yet?

Well for all your M.A.C addicts keep your computers handy (all puns intended) on June 18th the M.A.C and Ruffian collaboration will hit the world-wide interwebs. YES it is an online exclusive featuring 3 sets of Ruffian’s most amazing moon Mani’s (press on’s with distinctive shapes and adhesive) with coordinating lip colors (including RUFFIAN RED!!, RUFFIAN NAKED & RUFFIAN GOLD). Trust me these are not your mothers press ons! They are however, the perfect accessory for any girls night out!


Lastly if you’re like me and need your nails to be life proof (hey what can I say makeup artistry is a full body sport), then mixing up a little M.A.C pigment into a UV-Cured soak off gel is a great option to being chip free for at least 10 days.  If you keep up with things here at Nail Art Junkie then you know that the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity and customized color mixing! And I haven’t even mentioned the glitter yet :)









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