Outlined in Fashion

Such an exciting visit to Ran Design this week…We decided to transform my self proclaimed man-hands into long and lovely lady fingers. It is seriously like I got a boob job for my hands…and as I sit and try to type with my new lady fingers I now remember why I have kept my nails short and square for so many years.

Like many attributes of fashion styling – it’s form over function for the win. Luxurious, yes…practical not so much but dayum do they look good!

Anyhoo..I took inspiration from many places this week – patterns, cut and sew and fashion illustrations…and after 4+ hours of soaking off the old, re-sculpting my man hands into lady fingers and painting this gorgeous manicure my new set was complete.

I also was so fortunate to connect (via twitter) with the insanely talented and gracious Kara Laricks. Check out her awesome wrist warmers…where practicality meets fashion – finally!

Its time for the breakdown:

Thumbs and Ring Fingers – M.A.C Pigment in Dark Soul & White Gold mixed to a green grey

Index and Middle Fingers – M.A.C Pigment in Pink Pearl & Frozen White mixed to a purple pink

Pinky Fingers – M.A.C Glitter in White with Gradient in 3D Glitter

Details and outlines were painted in Black and Neon Pink Gouache and the pink diamonds to create a pattern/cut and sew effect are flat vinyl cut outs.







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