Two Toned into Mad Hatter Splatter

After 2 weeks of fighting the good fight with my new lady fingers (typing on a blackberry was akin to picking up water with chopsticks) Ran and I came to one conclusion today; my sculpt got to stay but my shape got a trim….wish I could say the same thing for my abs!

For this week’s mani I chose to work out a new take on the double color gradient which some how has become almost as played out as a white tip french (New York moves fast). I wanted the color used on the tip to fade/wrap around circumference of the nail bed. I have also been waxing nostalgia for some splatter paint, I guess what my boss says is true you can take this girl out of the 80′s but you cant take the 80′s out of this girl. Le Sigh.

In an effort to save the sculpts we opted for a fill instead of a soak off which also requires a base color that was darker than the one we used for my last set.

Looking forward to M.A.C’s re-promote of Formidable Nail Lacquer (previously available in venomous villains collection and soon to be available in the M.A.C Nail Lacquer collection I had whipped up a few pigments that mimicked that insanely awesome color to create a deep and luscious base color to get this nail art started

The shake down:

Base Color- M.A.C Pigments in Blue Green, Deep Purple, Dark Soul, Frozen White, Black Black and Reflects Transparent Teal mixed together with Cal Gel

Gradient Tips Left Hand – M.A.C Pigment in Process Magenta and Magenta Madness

Gradient Tip Right Hand – M.A.C Pigments in Acid Orange and Neo Orange

Left Pinky – M.A.C Pigment in Crystallized Lime (over last weeks colors of white glitter and 3D gold)

Right Pinky- M.A.C Pigment in Crystallized Yellow (over last weeks colors of white glitter and 3D gold)

Splatter Paint was done by the flick of the brush using Gouache Paints in Pink, Orange and Yellow.















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