dotting ditto

M.A.C Cosmetics has just introduced its Beth Ditto collection a saucy mix of sweet & savory colors and products. (see the entire collection here) She seems to have a punk rock edge with a sweet marshmallow inside. I can relate to that. And now so can my nails.

Check it -

Thumbs- M.A.C pigment in Polished Ivory, Naked and Genuine Orange was used to create a flesh tone back drop so that Ran could paint the signature look of the collection. Beth’s heavily lined eye, pink lips and blue dots (for the record Val Garland is my makeup hero & a makeup genius)

Index – To recreate Near Beth Experience I mixed up M.A.C Pigments in Primary Yellow, Polished Ivory and White to create the base then we used Black Black Pigment for the out line and brush stroke french.

Middle – To recreate Life & Beth I mixed M.A.C Pigments in Acid Orange, Polished Ivory and White for the base then we used Black Black Pigment for the outline and brush stroke french.

Ring – To recreate Vagabondage I mixed M.A.C Pigments in Pink Pearl, Pink (old school not available anymore :( ) White for the base and then we used Gouache paints to create the dots.

Pinky – To recreate Nocturnelle we used M.A.C Pigment in Nocturnelle and then hand placed these piece of cellophane onto the nail to create a broken glass effect.

All of the pigments are mixed with Cal Gel.

AH yes and lets not forget the shape…as you know two manicures ago I checked the lake lady finger hotel and haven’t been able to check out yet. However the nails that you see here are real!! YES they are all mine and the dagger shape is killin it!

Thanks to Ran as always…she is a masterful artistic soul that continually brings my concepts to life! You rock and/or roll sister!

please note- sorry for the obnoxious watermark free banner on all my photos – I had a snafu with my watermarking app. boo.







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