Magnificent, Maleficent!

What honestly started out as a smile, wink or nod if you will to the upcoming Ruffian and M.A.C collaboration (featuring some incredible press on nail tips) some how organically evolved into nails resembling some mash up between the daringly wicked character Maleficent from Disney Sleeping Beauty and the Evil Queen from Snow White.

You know strange things happen when a girl finds herself sucked into the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy - there I said it. Yes, I confess I am all out of sorts since my usual 8 hours of sleep has been invaded by the torrid (albeit sometimes cheesy) love affair between Anastasia Steele & Christian Grey. (As a side note I personally hope they never make a movie about this…I would rather keep my vision of Mr. Grey as is it in my mind)

Anyway back to the nails…these wickedly pointed claws are a creation that would have been a perfect companion to the M.A.C Venomous Villains collection

So here are the deets -

After filling and reshaping my nails into sharp pointed claws the painting began. Ran and I decided on a fill on top of my Beth Ditto nails – which required three coats of color in order to conceal the past design.

Purple Hearts – to create the gorgeous iridescent purple I mixed M.A.C Grape Pigment, Pink Pearl Pigment & Frozen White Pigment together which Ran mixed with clear cal gel.

Glittered Crescents – Good ole M.A.C 3D Copper Glitter mixed with clear cal gel.

Black Heart Outline – Frankly I am obsession with the trend of outlining the nail in black so to add a 20s/30s twist Ran painted a heart shaped out line using M.A.C Pigment in Black Black with clear cal gel.

The Pinky’s – well honestly I was ready to part with the broken glass fragments that we created last go round Ran just did a fill and topped everything will a clear coat of gel. (I think Christian Grey would approve- don’t you?)


p.s. the M.A.C and Ruffian Lips & Nail Tips are available online only starting June 18th (mark your calendars)










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