Friday Files – M.A.C Style Seeker

This fall fashion, makeup, hair and nails all seem to collaborate on a global plane. Nomadic gypsy meets world traveler. The M.A.C Style Seeker collection embodies all the worldly treasures a girl could ask for especially in the nail department.

Introducing two new shades Style Seeker (Duo Chrome Orange Red Frost), Gadabout Girl (Blackened Plum Cream) and re-promoting an old favorite Mean & Green (Nail Lacquers Collection & Venomous Villains).

I wanted to showcase a little DIY nail art here at NAJ (I mean it is the Friday Files after all) incorporating the new shades as well as drawing inspiration from the gorgeous styling from M.A.C’s campaign.

I applied 2 coats of Vestral White to create a white backdrop on the middle and pinky fingers. Then using Nocturnelle and Vestral White I mixed up a mid-tone grey. Using a small paint brush I started to paint small rectangles in various sizes on the nail. I repeated the same process using A Touch of Red, Gadabout Girl and then created a light purple by mixing Gadabout Girl & Vestral White. As long as you take your time and find a tool that you can work with this design is pretty easy.

On the ring finger I used Style Seeker as the base shade and on the index finger I used Gadabout Girl. I also incorporated Mean & Green and St. Germain as well as some gold glitter to create a simple swirled filigree pattern on the nail. A few tricks to make this process go smoother is 1. find a very long, thin striper brush. (check out Robin Moses’s video here to see how to cut your own) 2. open all of your polishes (and I mean like take the caps completely off) 3. make sure your base is very wet so that the striping colors glide across the nail.

I literally just dipped the brush into a polish and swiped it across the nails in alternating patterns with each color to create the filigree design. Then applied 2 coats of Over Lacquer to seal in the design.

Now that I have shown you mine; don’t be afraid to show me yours…
















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