A Kiss on the hand might be quite continental …

But diamonds are a girls best friend! Well Nail Art Junkies…the time is almost here! I know since the announcement this summer all of us (including myself) have been anxiously awaiting the launch of the M.A.C and Marilyn Collection. Blonde. Icon. Americana. Beauty. Coquettish. The epitome of sexy, glamor – personified. In someway, shape or form Ms Monroe has inspired us all.

Infused with classic reds, platinum, golds and of course black the collection is a real stunner but the packaging alone on this collection is to die for. As soon as I saw it my creative wheels started turning and with the help of Ran we created a gorgeous set of nails that would do Norma Jean proud!

Honestly there was no other choice than to have Ran use clear nail tips to extend my nails into almond shape lady like perfection. We mixed M.A.C Pigments in Black Black, Basic Red and Silver Fog to create the colors for the manicure and applied them on alternating fingers. I created a mood board for Ran to use for to create the Marilyn inspired face on my thumbs (Silver Fog pigment was used as the backdrop).

I saw a lot of “floating” nail tips last week backstage which totally emulated the feeling of this collections packaging. You may notice the floating image of Marilyn on the shadows and blushes and leaving the nail tips clear translated perfectly. We even created a floating nail outlined in black (I think I squealed out loud when we decided on this). Which lead to outlining the tips of both pinkies in red or black. We used M.A.C Pro Glitter in White (sorry this is from my archives and is no longer available) to tip some of the nails. Then to add some additional artful touches Ran painted Marilyn’s monogram on my middle and ring finger on my right hand and used Pearl Reflects Pigment to outline the tips of both thumbs.

And for the final touch of glamor we donned my ring finger (on the left hand) with XILION chaton cut Swarovski crystals (I mean diamonds are a girls best friend remember?).

I mean perhaps gentlemen prefer blondes (my hubby excluded apparently) but everyone will be green with envy over these glam-ed up hand gams!






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