Friday Files – Faberge & Filigree

Well the boys at Ruffian have done it again…this season I was lucky enough to key the nails (for the second time) at their Spring/Summer 13 show. Going to their studio is like entering a Fashion Fantasy Camp. Its complete with a mood wall, books, model comp cards, accessories, shoes and of course their darling collection. This year they drew inspiration from luxury textiles, 18th century architecture and Williamsburg (as in Brooklyn). They even created a Williamsburg toile de Jouy in collaboration with artist John Gordon Gauld that depicts Bedford Street shop windows and the B-burg Bridge. (so Hipster) See shots of the show here.

The jewelry was made with the idea of deconstructed Faberge in mind which of course we translated to the nails…we created nail jewelry for the show which just looked gorgeously and effortlessly cool. Only applying it to the ring and pinky fingers around a natural nail shape and length. Williamsburg girls are artisans, musicians and social media diva’s – there is no place for unpractical lady daggers nails in this hood.

For this week’s Friday Files I thought it would be best to give you a quick tutorial on how to get the look!

There is more about the inspiration here.

In order to complete this look head to your local bead or jewelry making supply shop and pick up a few gold metal pieces that are just shy of dime sized. Even if they are flat, like the ones we used at Ruffian don’t worry – you can hand bend them to custom fit the shape of your nail bed (everyone loves a little couture in their nail art). I used two pair of needle nosed pliers to form fit the filigree pieces.

Paint your nails with your favorite nail lacquer (M.A.C Lacquer in Girl About Town is featured here) Let the nails dry completely. Then apply a spot of nail glue to the center of the nail bed and apply the filigree. Once you have placed the piece onto the nail then add one more drop of nail glue over the top of the applique. This will create an invisible layer that will secure the piece onto your nail. (For removal just soak your nail in a bit of acetone this will breakdown the glue and loosen the piece – which of course can be used again)

For this demo I also created an accent nail with small holographic sequins that I purchased from a nail supply shop…I just used a bit of M.A.C Over-lacquer and then used my cool white wax pencil (found on ebay) to pick up the sequins and place them onto the nail. Once the Over-lacquer dries I then applied a second coat to seal the glittery pieces in place.

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