Friday Files – Fish Scales & Mermaid Tails

Sorry to for the delay in my post…I am in Milan and I keyed two nail shows today (Crazy AMAZING RIGHT?) Just Cavalli & Blumarine! I also keyed the nails for Alberta Ferretti and will be testing for the Roberto Cavalli show tomorrow afternoon…what a surreal Milan Fashion Week it has been.
More on that later…

So since I have been focusing so much on nail textures this season (which really means Spring/Summer 2013) I thought it would be a fun post to do some fish scaled nails. Some of you may think of this as more of a legless reptile that will remain nameless in this post but to each their own.

Basically the knitty gritty is this…you will need
*Cream finish nail polish. For this week’s Friday Files I am featuring M.A.C Nail Lacquer in Rougemarie, Deep Sea and Nocturnelle.

*Some duo-chrome loose pigments. M.A.C Pigments in Blue Brown, Old Gold and Frozen White where my pigments of choice

*Mesh shower sponge (Tulle will work as well)

*A soft fan type brush (can be sourced at your local art’s supply store or in a set of nail art brushes)

*Patience…of which I have none so it took a few tries to get my time right. The nails will be the right tackiness soon so PLEASE BE PATIENT!

Pre-cut a small piece of the mesh or tulle so you wont have to mess with it when your nails are wet. Then just paint your nails with 2 coats of your favorite polish. Now here is the trickier part the nails cant be too wet or totally dry for this to work I would say 8-10 minutes is a good time frame to work in. Once the nails seem dry to a light touch place the mess across your nail. You can use the back of the fan brush to roll the mess into the polish or if you want more texture use your finger to press the tulle onto the nail. Then pick up a small amount of pigment on your fan brush and dust it across the polish. If its uneven – it looks even cooler. Let sit for 60 seconds and then lift up the mesh. Seal in your design with clear top coat or M.A.C Overlacquer! Voila!

Be sure to share your pictures with me on the Nail Art Junkie Facebook Page (yes we are getting fancy!)










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