Friday Eff-ing Files – Hunger Games

HAPPY (almost) HALLOWEEN Nail Art Junkies!! Last week I was in Austin Texas for the first time… although I was really there for work (master class and a cameo on Fox Austin Morning News) I managed to squeeze in a Matt & Kim show at Stubbs. (AH- Mazing!!) and some delicious vegan meals…I will be back!

For us at M.A.C Halloween is one of most celebrated holidays of the year and so while I was in Austin my morning makeup segment on Fox Austin revolved around inspiring the Halloween spook-tacular in all of us. We presented 3 looks, the quintessential Zombie (thanks to the return of Frank Darabont’s The Walking Dead) and 1920′s Flapper (how much do we love Clara Bow) and of course Effie Trinket the most glamorous escort District 12 has ever seen. Although my main focus is makeup what kind of nail art junkie would I be without adding a little extra nail dazzle to complete the look…so inspiring that I will be re-creating Effie’s signature look this All Hallows Eve.


Yesterday I had the pleasure (of time) to explore a few amazing stores in NYC – MJ Trimmings, Toho Sohji and The Bead Center. A “makers” paradise…I was able to source some amazing accoutrements (stay tuned for future posts). And in my haul was the perfect 3-D flower to recreate an Eff-gy of Ms. Trinket’s hands signature look.


For the base color I mixed M.A.C Lacquer in Spirit of Truth and Vestral White. I used a piece of foil as a palette and the brush from the Spirit of Truth to mix and paint. I applied a thick coat M.A.C Overlacquer to create a high shine and let dry. Once dry I applied Overlacquer just to the tip of the nail and dipped it into some nail caviar type beads in silver. After applying that to all ten nails and giving them a moment to dry I then applied a small drop of nail glue to the center of the nail and carefully added the 3D silver flower…honestly people its just that easy…

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