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If you are not familiar with the likes of nail guru and the master of conceptualizing that is Marian Newman then you need to get involved people!! Marian is one of the industries leading nail masters and I have had the absolute honor and pleasure of working with her this season in Paris.

I met her a year ago backstage at Missoni (I was on the makeup team of course) and then again at Westwood and I was immediately fascinated with her. It seemed she had teamed up with the ladies from Minx to create her own collection that she was using backstage. What struck me was her effortless and practical approach to the entire backstage environment. It gets pretty hectic back there sometimes and she was calm and cool just doing her thing…

Flash forward to the SS13 shows in NYC and M.A.C brought Marian in to lead a few shows (like 5 or 6 in total) and she and I finally had a chance to met officially this time and I immediately started to swoon. She was so gracious and down to earth and was so lovely to sit and look through all my DIY nail designs…and of course she WOW’d me with some of hers as well.

This season in Paris I assisted her on three shows – Gareth Pugh where she created a gradient nail using M.A.C Nail Lacquer in Rouge Marie and Shirelle on pre-made tips. I got to meet her incredible 2 side kicks Adam Slee and David Barton (2 nail gurus in their own right) who were so gracious as well and didn’t haze me too much. She also hired me to assist on Thierry Mugler where she conceptualized urban gritty nails- made to evoke the feeling of concrete and city lights – using ultra fine grit model train gravel poured into polish (which I will be demonstrating later in the post).

We then worked together again on Kenzo where she used M.A.C Nail Lacquers in Deep Sea, Skin and Morange and then made two bespoke colors – a sheer lime green and a creamy Kelly Green. These colors were meant to accessorize the color- GENIUS! I descended on the 40 model count with the rest of the team.

I just purchased her book The Complete Nail Technical and I can’t wait to get it. Learning from the nail guru herself seems like a no-brain-er to me


Now for the nail art -

You can source sand or gravel from a hobby store but since I just got back from Paris I was looking to just use something I had around the house. You really just need something to give the nail texture so I just used sea salt. I also choose M.A.C Nail Lacquer in Nightfall and you will also need some holographic glitter. My choice is M.A.C Glitter in 3D Silver.

In a small cup or mixing bowl pour in your polish and then add salt. Since salt by nature is a moisture absorber you will need to be pretty generous with your polish. I used the brush from my polish to mix in the salt and then painted it on the nails. You will need to use a patting motion to get an even texture through out the entire nail bed. Once that has a chance to dry a bit I mixed M.A.C Overlacquer and the 3D Silver glitter together… then using a small paint brush I applied the glitter to the base of the nail in a upside down U shape to fit the contour of the nail bed.

And that’s it. This urban gritty nails gives the feeling of looking out into the night onto a hot urban city while the nightlife flickers through the streets…












3 thoughts on “My Week with Marian – Friday Files

    • hmmm great idea…I thought coffee at first but the instant kind that my hubby drinks disintegrates in liquid I bed kitty litter would be cool

      • We have some of that “World’s Best Kitty Litter” here at home for Sir Tabs (the kind made from corn where in the commercial they show the guy eating it!!). Maybe he’ll let me borrow some for the sake of nail art. :) I was looking at the Sugar in the Raw I use in my coffee this morning and thinking that might be neat too, although I get the sense that it will disintegrate like the coffee.

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