All Glammed Up and Tied with a Bow

Happy Glamour Daze Junkies! This manicure is 100% inspired by the goings on at M.A.C - right now! The entire holiday collection is about luxury detailed by satin tufted pastels wrapped up in a bow!!

Honestly, I think its best for me to just let the nails tell their holiday story…(mostly because typing with these things is nearly impossible). These nails were conceptualized by me and of course brought to life by the insane artistry of Ran Kowatari!

Minty Green Freshness – M.A.C Pigments in Hi-Def Cyan, Clear Sky Blue, Yellow, White & Green Space

Pure Pink Pastel-ness – M.A.C Pigments in Pink, Fairylite and White

Black Glammed-up Glitter – M.A.C Pigments in The Family Crest, Neon 60′s and Rocking Orange

The bow was hand done as 3D art using monomer & polymer, the leopard print was hand painted using gouache paint and the pearl were adhered with cal gel!


Let the glamourizing begin! ‘Tis the season!

















7 thoughts on “All Glammed Up and Tied with a Bow

  1. i am so impressed by your 3d nail art bow. i have seen so many people use the standard bows that you buy off ebay, they look nice but beauty in my eyes is about showcasing your talent, whatever your specialist field.

    these 3d bows are really popular right now, what would you say is going to be the next nail art trend for xmas and 2013?

    • thanks for checking out my post!! I cant take credit for the 3D art because it was done by my nail tech Ran Kowatari. I know that pampering and luxury are totally on trend for this holiday season! Wrapping it up in a shiny black bow only seems fitting@ :) Happy Glamour Daze!!

      • yes that all makes sense… i think i will be ordering some of those ebay bows myself now then lol. i was in the hope that they would be a fad to quickly fade away like foils and minx have slowly started to disappear… caviar seems wasteful… can you do some pure glitter nails for us?

        • perhaps when I do my next Friday Files I will do all glitter!! Thanks for the suggestion! I would say bow will be good til spring! Then it will be time to move on! :)

          • my customers seem to love glitter, especially pure glitter with no overlay on their toes, i stick it to normal varnish and it has a great effect. silver and baby pink look great together but bright colors like the mac ones above but with no top coat would look amazing with open toe shoes… im sure nikki minaj would be a fan!

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