Punk Rock Turkey

What does a Blue Point Siamese, Nicola Formichetti’s instagram feed, a punk rock turkey and a skeleton dress like a pilgrim have in common? If you said nothing then normally you would be right however in this case (or post if you are getting technical) there is ONE thread of mutual-ality and that would be THIS manicure!

Its Thanksgiving Junkies!!! And although I don’t partake in the eating of said turkeys (jive or otherwise) I do love this holiday! It has always been an epic celebration at the Blair house, next week I will be heading home for some well needed family time.

After Sandy, a snowstorm and my FINAL week of nail school my hands were in need of some TLC so of course I had no choice but to go see my girl Ran Kowatari – (who by the way is on Pinterest now so please go follow her) And here is what we did!


Triple Gradient was created using M.A.C Pigments in the following colors

Beige – Fairylite and White

Blue – Cyan and Mutiny

Brown – Blue Brown and Black Black

The thumbs were paint with Gouache paint and the images were found on the interwebs…(check out my mood board for original photos!)


I wish you all a very happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving! This year (as always) I have a lot to be thankful for – many of those thanks belong to you! Thanks for all the support, love, motivation and honestly just for reading and checking out this blog. xoxo

Thanks to the following for the image inspiration and original art


ebaums world

punk baby clothing

nicola formichetti







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