Friday Files – two toned fade

Cheerio Junkies!! I am just back from jolly ol’ England and what a magnificent (albeit VERY short) trip! I was there to present makeup and nail trends for the spring summer ’13 season with my makeup hero Terry Barber. We presented trends to editors and bloggers and offered manicures to the attendees from the wickedly talented ladies of WAH Nails. If you ever have a chance you must pay them a visit!

Today on the Friday Files I wanted to share a how-to on the two toned fade in basically three easy pea-zy steps!

Supplies – two shades of nail lacquer and clear top coat

Today’s choice M.A.C Nail Lacquer in Impassioned and Flaming Rose and used M.A.C Overlacquer.

I even did this manicure on myself and got some great shots with the help of my hubby. (please excuse my stained cuticles my hands get so dry when I travel)

Step one – paint your nails with two coats of your lighter nail lacquer (I used Impassioned)

Step two – apply the darker or stronger shade close to the cuticle or base of the nail. (you have to work fast so a great tip is to have all of your bottles open and ready to go. Also keep a lint free towel close by to wipe off your brush while working)

Step three- using your clear polish or top coat pull the darker shade down towards the tip of the nail to create a feathered like gradient or fade onto the lighter shade. Wipe your brush off before going back into your bottle of clear. Each nail must be done one at a time.

Then apply top coat from base to tip to seal in your design. Don’t forget to cap the free edge! See I told you easy breezy lemon squeeze-y!

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