Friday Files – gold rush

I am not sure if being isolated in a room in your apartment painting nails while your husband watches Black Gold on the TV in the other room can somehow enter your subconscious and effect the outcome of your latest manicure but somehow this happened to me.

Normally, I hit up Ran to do my nails but the other night I got the itch – (I know you NAJ’s are familiar) and I just couldn’t help myself. A LOT went on apparently – because basically I used every rhinestone, stud, chain, lace applique and pigment in the house.

Left hand – I used a combination of M.A.C Pigments in Violet, Hi-Def Cyan and White Gold which created an iridescent effect reminiscent of Haze Eyeshadow (anyone remember that one?) mixed with clear Bio-Sculpture sealer gel. Then I pretty much just stuck anything I could find onto my nail, gold leaf, Swarovski Crystals, studs, turquoise stones you name it I gel-ed it onto my nails.

Right Hand – I used a combination of M.A.C Pigments in Acid Orange, Primary Yellow, Basic Red and White Gold to mimic the gradient effect on the left hand but in more of a red-orange palette. Then I gel-ed on studs, chains, lace appliques and stones to create a melange of nail stuffs…










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