My nails are sexy and I know it….

And how do I know it? Well today when the hubs saw my nails he said those nails are pretty sexy; I could have sex with those nails. Now to the average person that may be border line creepy but for those of you who have met or have the pleasure of knowing my other half would have to laugh at his quirky sense of humor AND sense of sexy.

Tomorrow I leave town for three weeks for Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks. I wanted to keep my nails in sync with the master pieces Ran and I created for New York Fashion Week but with a softer sexier edge than the punk-ed up spiked daggers I was rocking last week. The other day I spent a few hours and many dollar$ in the bead district stocking up on supplies for my trip buying yards of lace, bags of sequins and dozens of Swarovski’s.

I created the perfect Nude shade by mixing M.A.C Mineralize Foundation Loose in Extra Light and M.A.C Beauty Powder in Drizzlegold.

M.A.C Pigment in Black Black was used for the black accents,

Thumb – I sourced two small rose gold – rose charms which I cut and bent to fit the thumb nail – Ran applied the charms over the nude and black gradient using clear calgel.

Index – Nude and black gradient with small glitter particles

Middle – Nude base with a black lace applique .

Ring – Nude base, black french tip layered with black tulle and a sexy stocking seam.

Pinky – Reverse french in black and nude with a seam of sequins…

Sexy shapely claws. Mission Accomplished.



















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