Friday Files – Shortest Straw

Ah HA! I told you I would be back! Although I have a lot of catching up to do I decided it would be easier for me to get back into the swing of things with a brand new post and since its Friday…why not a little how-to DIY nail art?!

I was home sick last week so I found myself pouring over nail art guru’s you tube channels and one of my favorite finds (I think I watched 10 videos in a row) was Chelsea King of Get Nailed. She is pretty much a genius at making everything look extremely simple and fool-proof. I am here to tell you that the designs she does maybe simple in concept but in execution it’s definitely best to do a few practice runs first.

Today I will be showing you the straw technique. It’s fairly simple in that you don’t need many fancy tools just some polish and few straws (you can use different sizes if you want) and a piece of foil to use as a palette!

Step 1

Just paint 2 opaque layers of polish to your nails. For this pictorial I am using Bleu Velvet, Confectionary and Pistachio Creme from the M.A.C Baking Beauties Collection.

Step 2

Cut your straws in half – I found it much easier to work with shorter straws and even easier if they were bendy straws. This also may have been because I was painting on nail tips instead of on my actual nail. Play around and see whats easier for you!

Step 3

Place medium-sized dots of your accent polishes on a piece of foil (keeps your polish from drying out as fast – paper will absorb most of your product)

Step 4

Dip your straws into the accent polishes (for this pictorial I am using Heroine, Silly, Ablaze and Embrace Me from M.A.C’s Fashion Sets Collection.

The roll the straw onto the nail in the desired placement. I found it easier to roll the straw onto the nail in a circular motion to achieve a full circle. Also make sure that the polish is not covering the hole of the straw. That will create a full circle of polish on your nail – which is actually (in the words of Miley Cyrus) pretty cool, however it’s also creates a great pattern with different sized circles on the nail.

Step 5

Once dry apply your favorite top coat although if you apply top coat before it dries completely you get a really cool drag or shadowing effect in your design!


Let me know how you do with this design by sharing a photo on Nail Art Junkie’s Facebook page or tag me on Instagram @xoreds














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