Goldenschlager in 3D

Ok so I guess I have gone from cameo status to re-occurring role here on NAJ. Yippee.

Tonight I got inspired by some nails that I created for a recent creative makeup and nail test. I am pretty much obsessed with anything patina-ed and shiny. A few months ago I found some amazing gold leaf at the art supply store that has pieces of bronze, gold, and blue tarnished pieces that are perfect for using for nail art.

Supplies – metallic polishes, gold leaf and clear polish. tweezers.

Step One

Prep your nail by filing and shaping then apply your favorite base coat!

Step two

Apply your polish to all 10 nails. I used nail lacquers in Soiree, Screaming Bright and Mean & Green layered on top of each other to create a patina-ed effect.

Step three

Apply a generous layer of clear polish and gently use tweezers to apply small pieces of the gold left into the clear polish. Make sure you do one nail at time and before you start cut the gold leaf into small pieces so that its easier to work with. Repeat on each finger.

Step four

Apply a second layer of top coat – This will still give a 3D effect to the nails. If you prefer a smoother finish you will need at least one more layer of top coat!

I want to see how you do so please post a photo on NAJ’s Facebook page or just stop by to say hello!













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