Mining the Friday Files – Iris Apfel and some Googly Eyes

Hi Junkies!! I can only say I am sorry for the weeks that have zoomed by without a single post. Work, life, stuff and things have been keeping me V-E-R-Y busy recently and finally here I am with some new posts. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

The next three “Friday FIles” (yes I know its Saturday hence the quotation fingers) are from a series of nail jewelry concepts that I had created for a nail art series that never came to be. I finally got the green light to use them myself so we are all in luck!

First up to bat…Googly Eyes Mani – inspired by the incomparable Iris Apfel. If you don’t know who she is you need to get involved people. She is a amazingly accessorized New Yorker that took the fabric industry by storm and at 90+ years of age still continues to highly decorate her limbs, neck and fingers to the nines (or tens) on the daily. M.A.C actually did an amazing collection with her last year and I was lucky enough to do her makeup for her segment on the Today show. She is to be regarded as a hero in the style icon department! She also has an amazing jewelry collection on HSN from which my wallet has taken a few dents to support the cause of awesome-ness and which also inspired this manicure!
Here is the how-to!

1 File and prep your nails
2. Apply one coat of your favorite basecoat and let dry
3. Using black and red polish (try MAC Nail Lacquer in Nocturnelle and
Flaming Rose) apply 2 coats to alternating fingers and on some fingers
use both polishes to create a color blocking effect. Let dry completely.

4. Using nail glue or clear polish place the googly eyes onto the nails
in varied patterns in each nail. Here I used two different sizes to give
more dimension to the design. These nails create the perfect compliment
to my googly eye bracelet and scarf.









One thought on “Mining the Friday Files – Iris Apfel and some Googly Eyes

  1. Just seeing this 7/16/13….this mani would also look great matted. I do
    like Miss Iris and have seen her on HSN. Got myself a cay-ute owl tote.

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