Mining the Friday Files – Steam Punk

Happy Friday Junkies! Its time for second installment of Mining the Friday Files. On tap this weekend is Steam Punk Nails. I will keep this intro short and sweet cause lets be honest… the three of you out there reading this are actually just looking at the pictures anyway. Am I right?

For more info on the genre of steam punk click here!

Steam Punk Nails Step by Step

Featured colors in this mani – M.A.C Nail Lacquers in Nocturnelle, Screaming Bright, Soiree, Anti Fashion and Mean & Green.

Supplies needed – a dotting tool or a toothpick, glitter and old watch pieces (sourced on eBay) tweezers

File and Prep the nails into your desired shape. Apply base coat.
On the thumb and index finger apply two coats of Nocturnelle. For the middle and ring finger apply two coats of Anti-Fashion let dry and then apply once coat of Mean & Green. Apply two coats of Soiree on the pinky fingers.
On your black nails apply small dots of Screaming Bright, Soiree and Mean & Green in various sizes and then while the polish is still wet use your dotting tool or toothpick to drag the colors into each other to create a burnished metallic swirled effect on the nails (important tip – complete each nail one by one or else the dots will dry before you can swirl them)
Once the coat of Mean& Green has dried on your middle and ring finger apply a coat of M.A.C Overlacquer (or your favorite non-fast drying top coat). While the top coat is still wet start layering your watch pieces onto the nail. I found the parts on Ebay for around $5 and I also incorporated a few crystals and jewelry notions that had the same bronze and gold color scheme. The top coat will act as the glue to keep your pieces in place on the nail.
For the pinky nails apply glitter at the base of the nail (not the tip) to create a rainfall or gradient effect with the glitter. On a piece of foil I mixed the glitter and Overlacquer together to create a glitter polish and then painted it on the nail.
Apply a final layer of top coat to all ten nails!20130531-181651.jpg20130531-181659.jpg20130531-181708.jpg20130531-181715.jpg


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