Mining the Friday Files – Crystal Studded Manicure

Happy Friday Junkies – here is the third and final installment of the Mining the Friday Files series.
This last manicure features some shiny diamond like rhinestones and edgy studded nail heads…ohhh so fancy!

Check out the deets here:

Featured Nail Lacquers – Dark Angel, Formidable and Girl Trouble, Overlacquer

Supplies – Crystals or Rhinestones, Nailhead studs, cosmetic wedge sponge, tweezers, small square of foil and toothpicks or dotting tool

1. Prep and file your nails and apply your favorite base coat

2. Alternate painting your nails with Dark Angel and Girl Trouble and paint both pinky nails with Dark Angel. Let Dry. Then apply a coat of Formidable to the pinky fingers.

3.Tear off a small piece of the sponge and then dab a few drops of Formidable lacquer onto the foil. Use the tweezers to pick up the small piece of sponge and dab the color onto the lower part of the thumb and middle finger of each hand to create a gradient or hombre effect. Let the first coat dry and then apply a second coat concentrating the intensity of the polish at the free edge or tip of the nail.

4. To apply the crystals to the outer edge of the index and ring finger apply a thin coat of Overlacquer around the edge of whichever nail you want to outline first. Using your dotting tool or toothpick pick up each crystal and place them around the edge of the nail. (To get the crystal to stick to the dotting tool or toothpick apply a dot of Overlacquer to the tool then pick up the crystal and apply it to the nail.)

5. For the pinky nail I applied nailhead (which means they are flat backed studs) studs in straight lines onto the entire nail bed. First apply a thin coat of Overlacquer then gently place the studs onto the nail using the same method as used to apply the crystals)

6. Give each nail a generous coat of Overlacquer to seal in your nail design!






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