Friday Files – Feeling Festive on the Fourth

Happy Fourth of July Junkies – As I was typing that the hubs just told me I am a maniac – not so much on the floor more just in the kitchen in general and once you see these nails you will probably agree. It seems I am channeling my inner Flashdance this fourth -(for those of you born post 1983 there is a song on the soundtrack by Michael Sambello (who?) entitled Maniac) (officially dating myself). OK – now that the history lesson out-of-the-way lets continue, shall we?

I have been on vacation this week which has provided me with ample time to create not one but two versions of my 4th of July nails – Using M.A.C Nail Lacquers in Spirit of Truth, Flaming Rose and Vestral White the possibilities to channel you independence day maniac are endless.

The first is all about an artistic take on a classic – this is also my creative way to mask not being able to paint straight lines on my nails.

Version two is a bit of a mash-up of Stars, Stripes, Dots and Splatter – these are all things Americana , amirite?

With a little help from some nail art stars (I can’t remember where I sourced them from SAWRY!) you have yourself a red, white and blue extravaganza! Let your Freak Flag Fly, America!


p.s. please forgive my splattered cuticles – they are so dry that the gouache paint stained me #nailgirlproblems













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