Friday Files – Fun Summer Fabrics

I have recently become obsessed with the Ikat pattern – maybe not some much in my wardrobe per say but more so as a nail art design. Instagram (and Tumblr and lets not forget Pinterest) have gotten me inspired.

So this weeks Friday Files have a splash of color, a hint of fabric and a whole lotta of gouache paint.

I used clear biosculpture gel as a base and a top coat for my design…and with that no polish was actually used in this design…it’s a gouache paint sandwich!

Basically the pattern resembles a large leopard pattern. I used different colors for each hand for the Ikat. On the alternating fingers I created a Tye-died pattern inspired by the one piece of hippie clothing I own.

I start with the middle shade – for the left hand I used orange and white gouache to create a peachy tone and using a small paint brush I create little blobs of color in random patterns on my nail. I then used black gouache to out line those shapes but I kept the edges rough. Once both the peach and the black were dry I used a dotting tool to add white to the center creating an “eye” inside the blobs. (It’s very technical around here). For the background I sketched in a teal for the left hand and a sky blue on the right.

For the Tye-died effect I used violet, blue and white paints and a small paint brush. Swirling the colors around on the nail – its a step up from water-marbling and A LOT less messy.

What I love about this set is that because the art was done over a clear nail – the outcome is very thin and natural looking and I have to say the art ain’t too bad either!













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