Friday Files – Seeking Seashells by the Seashore!

Happy July Junkies! I am just back from AC, NJ. Gambling at the Borgata is my way of supporting the stronger than the storm campaign here in the tri-state! Nothing soothes a girl after a long night of loosing her a$$ at the slots like a walk on the beach! One of the great things about the beach in Atlantic City is that unlike many of the private beaches dotting the Jersey shore its public and free! The hubby and I took a stroll – or perhaps more fitting is the hubs took a stroll while I was hunched over gathering seashells – they seem to be (one of my many) latest nail art obsessions. I mean iridescent/mother of pearl is my signature color. Finding the right texture and thinness of shell was a top priority and so was getting a nice sunburn on my arms and shoulders. But all is fair in love and nail art.

Last night I experimented a bit with my new shells. I started with a base using M.A.C Pigment in Frozen White & Guise mixed into Bio Sculpture Clear Gel. And then encase the shells into another layer of clear gel. Even though I spent ample time finding the skinniest of shells they are still oddly shaped for nails (or perhaps if I had crushed them up into smaller pieces it would have been easier). So I did some filing down and then added more clear. Which in my opinion made them look a bit like a pebbled patio circa 1980. By adding a few spots of nail foil and some erratically placed glitter I think I found the mother of pearl effect I was look for…check it!











8 thoughts on “Friday Files – Seeking Seashells by the Seashore!

  1. Love the look on your nails Keri! OMG! Never realized I could actually do this kind of thing using seashells. Will try it out on mine and see how they look. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  2. Keri you are magic- How DOOOOOOO u do it? (all) Let me know when your ready for some webisodes and your own channel on……

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