Friday Files – Tropical Taboo

Pigments. Are. My. Best.Friends. As a M.A.C girl of over 17 years my go to, must have is pigments. For those of you who visit here on the regular know that once I went pigment and calgel I have never really looked back. Of course my favorite way to use them is on the eye cause lets be honest here junkies – its the easiest way to make a smokey eye shimmer and shine like the wing of a cicada and who doesn’t want that?

When it comes to nails they are also super versatile if your technique is mastered. My best advice is less is more (and that is not something I say often) Whether you are mixing them into clear gel or into clear polish – go slow. Too much pigment in polish causes it to chip off and too much in gel keeps it from curing properly!

For this manicure however I have taken a different approach. Sprinkling, splattering and swiping seemed to give me the burnished metallic effect I was going for inspired by M.A.C upcoming summer collection Tropical Taboo.

Some of the shots here are from tips I did for a M.A.C and Val Garland presentation and some are on my own digits! Werk.












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