Fashion Illustrated!

Hello Junk Fans!! I have to tell you that there is NOTHING I mean NOTHING better than getting a fresh set of nails to glamorize your digits done by someone else – especially after 3 months of D-I-Y-ING it. Then you add nail artisan extraordinaire Ran Kowatari into the mix and its like your best day EVAH! Reunited and it feels so good…

This manicure is all about a study of fashion – illustrated. Have you heard that M.A.C and the ultra-glam works of Illustration legend Antonio Lopez have teamed up for a new collection? Out this month (September) there are some AH-mazing palettes for lips, eyes and face donned with the incredible fashion sketches of the late, great Antonio. His use of color, attitude and vibrant energy seems like a perfect match for M.A.C (If you are not familiar with this fashion icon – perhaps the phrase GET INVOLVED PEOPLE will help inspire you to Google him). The collection is so special that the likes of Pat Cleveland, Jerry Hall and Marissa Benson reunited for the collateral Now that’s H-A-U-T-E!

With New York Fashion Week around the corner (literally and figuratively) I thought this was the perfect fusion of nail art+fashion. I mixed up many a pigment to create the splashes of color in this magnificent manicure -

Pink Pearl & Red Electric

Violet & Full Force Violet

Acid Orange


Hi-Def Cyan

Landscape Green & Green Space

Basic Red

(all mixed with calgel)

The rest of the art was done with Ran’s extremely steady and detailed hand using gouache paint and very small brush.

Needless to say the wow factor here is a TEN! you are welcome…















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