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Well New York Fashion Week is finally over (one down two to go!) I know I owe you all a post – NYFW wrap up of all things M.A.C and nails – in due time my junkies.

This week I received a very exciting invite in my inbox to the Vanity Projects post NYFW party – hosted by Nail It Magazine. Talk about amazing – I think my brain nearly exploded when I got to meet the likes of IG nail greats like @bkruby @britneytokyo @hana4 @nailsbyregina and many others that have been on my stalk list for years now. The inspiration in that place was palpable.

Not to downshift into sad town but for those of you that don’t follow me on Facebook or IG – the hubby and I had to make a very hard life decision last Friday night to help our eldest kitty Brindle cross over the rainbow bridge (lets just say being an adult sucks it sometimes). And I am getting ready for my European World tour of Milan and Paris and will be away from home for almost 3 weeks. Yesterday I turned 42 (Friday the 13th baby!) OBV – I needed a manicure that somehow celebrated my awesome experience during NYFW , 42 years of Keri and created a memorial to my sweet baby girl.

For you lucky people still reading this post here is some more insight into ME! You are welcome…


Ran hooked me up again (as per usual) we used lots of M.A.C Pigments in Clear Sky Blue, 3D Silver Glitter, White Glitter, Primary Yellow, Pink and French Violet mixed into clear cal gel and all the designs are HAND PAINTED with gouache paint.



p.s. the art work of Brindle was originally done by Jeff Dehut of @_explosivelimes_ (dig it)
















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