Friday Files – Its Better in the Bahamas

And fairly expensive I might add. Hello Junkies! I know it’s not Friday, please forgive me as I was in the Grand Bahamas this weekend for a wedding and was unable to post.

So here we are a little bright and sunshine-y nail art to cheer all of you up on this gloomy rainy Monday (I have spent the day at MIA and it’s a monsoon out there).

This week a long-time co-worker and friend tied the proverbial knot at the Pelican Bay in Freeport. Her invitation and the gorgeous weather, beaches and scenery inspired my lasted junked up nail creation. I hope you enjoy them, Mon.

The nails were first prepped and filed and then I started with three custom mixed colors using a variety of M.A.C Pigments and clear gel. I applied the colors somewhat arbitrarily to look like a sea of watercolor. Then I added glitter, shells and a few embellishments, stones and silhouetted palms…
Winter maybe right around the corner. But my souvenir of sunburn proves its sunny somewhere (or at least in the Bahamas)











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