Friday Files – Spring has sprung Proenza

WOW has it really been like 2 months since I last posted (kicks heel in dirt). ENNYway…I have been traveling like a crazy person and now I am finally home for a few weeks and was able to find a few sparks of inspiration thanks to the amazing Chelsea Queen.

If you haven’t heard MAC and Proenza Schouler have crossed creative paths and given proverbial birth to an amazing collection that contains 3 (yes THREE new nail lacquers) with the most gorgeous metallic ombre packaging. My most favorite lacquer is Thimbleweed…honestly its the only nude you will ever need. We used it all over the place backstage for the past two seasons. And even for me lover of all junked up nails I have a very large crush on this color.

Ok so here is the 411 on this nail design.  I created an ombre effect using Thimbleweed as a base and sponging on Screening Room mixed with Golden Olive Pigment and Varicose Violet mixed with Violet Pigment to mimic the metallic fade on the lid of the polish. Then I used a watercolor technique (I am still perfecting it so please be nice – check out Chelsea’s blog for a video tutorial) with then two new shades from the Proenza collection - Bougainvillea (a creamy orange) and Dayflower (a lushful wine).  The idea is to apply small dots of color onto the nail and then use a brush dipped in acetone and lightly tap it on top of the color to create a watercolor effect.  Once it dried I added small floral shapes using Black Gouache paint and small nail art brush.  Spring has sprung!!










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