In 3D

As any magpie knows shiny things are good! That is why I couldn’t wait to use M.A.C’s new 3D Glitters on my nails. ¬†Full of holographic goodness these glitters shine, sparkle and illuminate giving a 3D effect to all it touches. Shimmery.

To give these tips a twist I mixed up M.A.C Pigments into the matching base colors of the glitters. I wanted the glitter to look as if it was streaming on to the nail from the base to the free edge! Of course NOTHING is better than putting my hands into the hands of Ran Kowatari (founder of Ran Design).

First we sculpted a few extension as my nails were a little uneven (What? Sorry – getting my nails done is pampering doing my own is maintenance!).

Here is the colorful scoop -

Thumbs – Black Black Pigment (mixed with CalGel) with 3D Black

Index – True Chartreuse & Ever So Yellow Pigments (mixed with CalGel) with 3D Brass Gold

Middle РLovely Lily  Pigment (this is from the archives) (mixed with CalGel) with 3D Platinum

Ring – Full Force Violet & Violet Pigment (mixed with CalGel) with 3D Lavender

Pinky – Platinum Metal Pigment & Silver Fog Pigment (mixed with CalGel) with 3D Silver

Each nail tip was then finished with a small Swarovski crystal – bling bling bling!











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