From the moment I laid eyes on M.A.C’s PLAYLAND collection I knew there would be a carnival of color themed manicure in my fingers future!  Acid greens, pink clouds, blue skies, and purple polka dot giraffes? YES YES and #YEESSS.

If you are color junkie like me the collection will sink you into kaleidoscopic indulgence. There are some amazing pigments just waiting to dive into a pool of clear UV gel!  My usual nail guru is on VACATION – seriously Ran you would rather be spending time in Japan with your family then doing my manicure??!?!  Oh well thats ok I will see you next month! Instead I enlisted the help of Miku Tsutaya stationed at the Vanity Projects Salon to help bring this kawaii master piece to life. Miku somehow talked me into doing my extensions in acrylic – something I haven’t done since the 90′s but I am curious to see how they hold up and how the removal process goes…stay tuned for more on that later!

Pinky’s – I doubled the stuff MAC Crystalline Yellow Pigment mixed with 3D Silver Glitter.

Hi Def Cyan and Pink (from the archives) Matte Pigment for the blue and pink clouded skies.

Ever So Yellow Pigment on the middle fingers (Acid Orange & Golden Olive for the polka dots).

Golden Olive for the thumbs and yes that giraffe is hand painted using Ever So Yellow mixed with clear gel.











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