This S#@T’s bananas

Last night I re-united with my great friend and nail guru Ran. It was awesome as always to see her and talk nails, food, travels, cats…you know the usual.  After weeks of looking after my own nails  I was way over due for a pampering sesh!  I did however show up at Ran’s studio with no mood board, no pigments, no snacks…(fortunately I have bequeathed 100′s of pots of pigments to Ran’s collection.)

This weekend my mom is planning our first annual family reunion of sorts…it should prove to be interesting and perhaps even this side of  bananas… and after seeing an amazing photo of some Andy Warhol Banana inspired nail art  on the WAH Nails (in London) IG account – it seemed nothing else would be more fitting then to don my digits with some floating psychedelic banana runt flavored nail art.

We used M.A.C Pigment in Frozen White as a base (except for on the pinky nail where we used some White Glitter this stuff is from 1998 Whoa!). Then on the tips we created a pastel ombre (wielding pigments so old I can’t remember their names)  into minty green, bubblegum pink and lavender.  The banana scented wall paper effect is seen on the thumbs while all the other fingers landed some sweet sparkling Swarovski crystals.














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