This site is a creative outlet solely used to document and archive my love of nail art and nail polish. Although I do work exclusively for M.A.C all posts are of my own accord and opinion(s) and in no way are representative of my employer.

9 thoughts on “Disclaimer

    • I actually am not a nail tech. Just a makeup artist. The woman who does my nails is here in NYC her name is Ran Kowatari. I will email you her information

  1. Hi Keri, We would really love to interview you! Realizing that you are a professional & experienced MUA, we thought you would like to be featured on our site. Please let me know the best way to reach you when you get the chance!

    Much appreciated,

  2. Hey!

    I really like your nail style :) It’s a awesome blog!
    I would like to speak with you about your work. How can I contact you?

    Enjoy your lovely day ;)

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